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Primordial Sound Meditation

by Maya Bitton 11 Mar 2023 0 Comments

What is Primordial Sound Meditation?

Primordial Sound Meditation (PSM) is a powerful practice that takes you on a journey into the stillness and silence within. It is recommended for anyone who wishes to enjoy deeper peace, freedom of spirit, and mastery of life.

Primordial Sound Meditation is a self-healing process of returning to the memory of wholeness, a profound inward journey through all outer and inner layers of activity and perception, and the uncovering of the silence and clarity that have always been there, lying dormant, within us.

Primordial Sound Meditation is derived from the Yogic tradition of India (Yoga from Sanskrit Yog = union; the blissful union of mind, body, soul, and spirit). Chopra cofounders Dr. Deepak Chopra and the late Dr. David Simon have revived this ancient practice and made it available in a format that is accessible to everyone to learn.

Primordial Sounds—the basic, most essential sounds of nature—are used to disconnect us from the activity of life. These individually selected sounds, known as mantras, are based on the vibration the universe was making at the moment of your birth.

Once your Primordial Sound mantra has been determined, you will be taught how to use it on a daily basis to reawaken balance, tranquility and compassion within. Monsoon Maya, your Chopra-certified instructor, will help you to integrate this practice into your daily routine.

Originally in India, this profound practice was reserved to the most distinguished disciples who were deemed worthy to receive the teachings, after a significant period of time (in many cases, years) of just sitting by the guru and listening to theoretical lessons or merely observing the guru.

But now anyone - who is ready - can learn. Are you ready?

How Do I Learn Primordial Sound Meditation?

Primordial Sound Meditation is easily learned in three or four sessions over a period of a few days:

  • In Session One, Monsoon Maya, your Chopra-certified instructor, will introduce you to the basic principles of meditation; its history and the importance of your mantra.
  • In Session Two, you will receive personal instruction in your Primordial Sound mantra and learn how to use it. You will try Primordial Sound Meditation for the first time using your Primordial Sound mantra.
  • In Session Three, you will learn the practical aspects of meditation, share your experience, receive answers to any questions, and meditate with Maya.
  • In Session Four, you will attend a lecture about conscious choice-making and the higher states of consciousness that can be achieved with regular Primordial Sound Meditation practice. Maya will share Deepak Chopra’s vision of these higher states.

Additional individual and group sessions and follow-up sessions may be offered from time to time following the completion of the Primordial Sound Meditation training.

How do I Get Started?

To take your next step toward developing a Primordial Sound Meditation practice, please contact Monsoon Maya, your Chopra-certified instructor.

Individual and group classes are offered, both in-person and virtually.

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